About Us

Premo Mondone, Founder of Red State Talk Radio

Red State Talk Radio (RSTR) was founded in 2010 by Premo Mondone who passed away on February 27, 2016. Premo was a radio broadcasting pioneer who established the RSTR conservative political grassroots brand, designed our logo, built our infrastructure, cultivated relationships with our show hosts, and embraced our ever growing listener base one listener at a time by offering intelligent, thought provoking, and original talk radio. In March 2016, Scott Adams became the Owner/General Manager of Red State Talk Radio.

Red State Talk Radio is proud to be purely digital, grassroots, and original. We are home to close to 50 show hosts and offer programming on two  channels.  Our Red State Channel plays 24/7 conservative political programming. Our Encore Channel features new genres including faith, finance, popular culture, and lifestyle.

apple-carplayWe live in an ever changing world where digital audio has replaced CDs, digital streams have replaced terrestrial antennas, car stereo AM/FM dials have been replaced with consoles that look more like smartphones than radios.

With our smartphone apps, Roku presence, state of the art digital streams, and all original content from our in-house team of writers, RSTR has become the premier dominant force in conservative political talk radio and blogosphere.

RSTR has the most website traffic according to ALEXA, and the most Tune-In followers (23K) than any other radio station in the conservative  political digital talk radio genre. RSTR has also forged strategic partnerships with leading conservative websites including The Horn News and Liberty Alliance Publications. Consequently, RSTR consistently has the most listeners and attracts the best talk show talent in the business.

RSTR’s leading role in our market enables us to partner with terrestrial radio stations across America to help our favorite radio stations migrate from AM/FM to digital so they can benefit from our state of the art digital streams and ever growing number of listeners.

Stay tuned in to Red State Talk Radio and we’ll see you next time, on the radio.