A Conversation with Brian Jeffs & Nate Nephew, Hosts of “At Odds”


RSTR: Welcome gentlemen.  So, let’s start with the basics. Where are you two from?

Brian: I grew up in Traverse City Michigan, but have been living in the Lansing Michigan area for 25 years.

Nathan: I grew up in Tuscola, MI, near Frankenmuth and have been living in the Lansing area for the past 4 years.

RSTR: Are either of you married? Have kids?

Brian: I’ve been married to my wife Janet for 35 years. We have a daughter, Brenna. Brenna will be a Junior at Michigan State University this fall and is studying Biology.

Nathan: My fiance and I are raising a child together and have plans to get married in the very near future.

RSTR: What do you do for your “day job”?

Brian: I’m a Senior Geologist.

Nathan: I’m a Design Engineer.

RSTR: How long have you been doing the show?

Nate: Since September 2012. We also had a Gun Rights show called “Saturday Afternoon Shootout” for the internet network Flint Talk Radio for several years before we started “At Odds”. Brian and I met near the start of the “movement”, raising awareness of openly carried firearms in Michigan. We eventually co-founded Michigan Open Carry, Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the freedom to openly carry firearms. We have also co-authored a pro-gun Children’s book, “My Parent’s Open Carry”.

RSTR: What is it that you REALLY want to accomplish with your show?

Brian: We want to inform people about our daily loss of rights, via legislation and apathy. Of major concern is the growing police state in the US and the war on gun rights.

RSTR: Is your show syndicated elsewhere, other than Red State Talk Radio?

Brian: The show is available on Spreaker and at our website, www.atoddsshow.com. As you know, Nathan can also be heard on Red State Talk Radio as host of “The Nathan Nephew Show”. It’s also available at www.nathannephew.com.

RSTR: Is the ultimate goal an AM or FM gig? Or are you totally focused on “New Media” like internet radio and podcasting?

Nate: It would be great to get on the “radio”, but I think we would always want to have an internet presence. The internet is the present and future of information and entertainment.

RSTR: Is there a “5 year plan”? Or are you just playing it by ear?

Brian: Right now we are having fun with the show. We are slowly increasing our audience. Our show is not for everyone.
We try to interject some humor while discussing important topics, as well as letting a bit of ourselves be revealed in each

Nate: We just hope people get a laugh, learn a little something and become inspired to take action in the battle of restoring our freedom.

RSTR: It was a pleasure gentlemen. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Nate: Our pleasure. Thank-you for having us.